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2015 Fig Grow Log

This year has seen many new varieties beginning to fruit for us starting with a wonderful assortment of fiorone/breba producers.  The following are listed in order that they ripened in 2015;

Vincenzo and Enrico

Sounds like a couple of Italian buddies but these young figs produced their 1st crop(fiorone) June 15th and look very promising. Vincenzo fiorone (breba)

Ischia White

This fig was purchase as ischia Green but looks much ore like Jack Lily.  It was very sweet with intense flavours  Jack Lily fiorone (breba) Jack Lily breba (fiorone)

Melanzana Calabrese

The breba/fiorone below never tasted anything like it was very sweet with a caramel jammy taste and a little seed crunch.  Melanzana fiorone (breba) Melanzana fiorone (breba)

Main Crop Melanzana

Melanzana Long (Calabrese Long)Melanzana Long (Calabrese Long)

Sal Corleone

sweet and tasted of melon little seed crunch. Sal Corleone fiorone(breba) Sal Corleone fiorone(breba)

Paradiso Bronze

Amazingly sweet, juicy an coplex flavour.. 

Paradiso Bronze Fiorone(breba) Paradiso Bronze fiorone(breba)

Desert King

This fig started ripening fiorone(breba) July 14 and has continued ripening into id August.  The figs were excellent to start with nice sweet and full of flavour and have gotten better as the summer progressed.

Desert King fiorone(breba) desert king fiorone(breba)


Small to medium brown fig with a honey flesh.  Melts in your mouth a nice sweet taste.

Neverella fiorone(breba) Neverella fiorone(breba) Neveralla

Sicilian Black JR

Medium to large breba.  Produces many breba.  The figs start out with bright red ribs and eventually turn black. Very sweet and a hint of melon with complex flavours.Sicilian Black JR fiorone(breba) Sicilian Black JR fiorone(breba)

Fico Bianco

An Italian honey fig. This fig is a great breba producer.  Very sweet and juicy.fico bianco fiorone(breba).Fico Bianco fiiorone(breba)

Dauphine Fiorone(breba)

This fig started producing promising fiorone and main crop figlets on every branch in June.  A dozen or more breba and figlets.  Managed to ripen some with a drop of honey coming out of the eye.

Dauphine taste was unique, super sweet fig with intense jammy tropical flavours.  One of the best figs I have tasted.Dauphine fiorone(breba) Dauphine fiorone(breba)Dauphine fiorone(breba)

Other fiorone(breba) figs

The other figs are now ripening fast too many to post.Fiorone/breba figs ripe in JulyFiorone/breba figs ripe in July

Will post more later