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Nut Trees

We grow cold hardy varieties of  sweet chestnuts, Persian and English walnuts and Northern Hazelnuts, Filberts nut trees
Smaller trees 1 to 7 feet tall are available in containers year around.
Large trees 8 to 20 feet are available to be dug up bare root and transplanted in Spring and fall

American and Chinese Sweet Chestnuts

  sweet chestnuts
These trees are picturesque and grow quickly to 40' or larger. 
The delicious nuts always pest free in this area.  Great to eat with pastries or just enjoy them fresh or roasted and
in your cooking and salads.
chinese chestnut tree






Persian/English Walnut trees

Walnuts can be eaten fresh or included in 1000s of recipes. 
The walnut trees are large and picturesque and enhance any landscape.chestnut tree
persian Walnut tree
Ciccio fig walnut hazelnut

Also have;

, Jujube, rose of sharon, oleander.