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JCJ Acres
Victoria Avenue and John Street
Vineland Station, Ontario, L0R 2E0 (Near Vineland United Church)

Send us e-mail with your phone # and we will call/text you with directions and to schedule a time.

For appointments, questions, suggestions or Orders send e-mail to: JCJAcres@sympatico.ca

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About Us

JCJ Fig Orchard

JCJ Acres is located in Vineland Ontario in the Niagara region.  The farm is tucked away in the escarpment and not far from lake Ontario.  This creates a micro-climate that facilitates growing tender fruit.  The area is known for being Canada's main producer of peaches, plums, pears, cherries and hundreds of vineyards and wineries that produce world class wines.

JCJ Acres is a small farm originally a grape and mixed orchard farm.  Since 1995 we have been growing organic table grapes such as concord, Niagara and seedless variety sovereign coronation. 

The fig orchard was started with 2 fig trees, Ciccio fico nero and fico bianco which were passed on from nonno Ciccio.
These 2 figs have proven to be the easiest to grow, very sweet delicious tasting and most cold hardy figs perfect for Niagara (climate Zone 6, -25C to +35C) growing for now over 25 years.
Our selected figs are the best best tasting figs, all taste profiles, easy to grow and many are cold hardy.

Most figs are "common type ficus carica" and produce 2 crops per year; July 1st crop (aka breba/fiorone) and September through October the main crop figs. 

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