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More JCJ Acres delicious tasting fig trees -- to Figs page 3

Capelas Azores
Val Rosso
Val Rosso
Goutte d'Or
Bisiri Black
Melanzana long
Melanzana AF/LdA
LSU Gold
LSU Gold
jh adriatic
JH Adriatic
Large light berry taste,  prolific, easy to grow large rich honey taste, 2 crops, cold hardy gold bronze fig, rich caramel taste, easy to grow bronze fig, rich honey taste, cold hardy, 2 crops black fig, intense dark berry rich taste, 2 crops large long  fig, sweet rich honey taste, 2 crops, xtra large yellow fig,  golden flesh,  unique taste best taste green fig, intense berry taste, cold hardy
Atreano Capelas Val Rosso Brunswick Bisiri black Melanzana long lsu gold jh adriatic

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