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Pino Fig Trees

We grow many fig varieties.  All are sweet and of the best best tasting, all taste profiles, easy to grow and many are cold hardy.
Fig trees can be grown in containers or planted in the ground.

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Fico Bianco

Italian honey fig.Honey fig This fig is medium to large size green/yellow skin and milky transllucent flesh very sweet and juicy. Does well grown in  ground or containers and yields two crops a year.  Produces lots of brebas/fiorone and huge main crop producer.fico bianco

Ciccio Nero

Ciccio is a Mount Etna type fig, Black skin with black flesh, sweet and delicious black figvery tasty medium size fig and very productive main crop.   Many cool climate growers will have this fig variety because it is such a great fig producer, cold hardy and easy to grow. Ciccio NeroCiccio Nero


ADRIATIC DALMAtieExtra large pear shape fig, green skin and strawberry red flesh.  Extremely sweet and a beautiful looking fig tree and cold hardy.  Continues to produce into October and even a light frost doesn't bother it.  Favourite fig according to client feedback. Dalmatie

Capelas Azores

capellas figVery nice Portuguese fig.  Very large greenish bronze skin and light amber interior.   Great producer of 2 crops (brebas and main crop).


Val Rosso

Medium size fig, Dark red to violet figs with golden flesh. Turbinate to oblique, mostly without neck.

Small eye which has a reddish color from a very early stage. Cold hardy.Val Rossoval rosso

Bolzano Nero

nero nobile figThis was my 2013 favourite tasting fig.  Medium to large black figs, shiny speckled skin and light amber interior.  Very sweet and tasty and complex exotic flavour.  The mother tree in the foothills of the Dolomite ountains of Northern Italy is 9M high and 9M wide and produces bushels of good size figs.Bolzano Nero


Hardy Chicago

Hardy- (Mongibello) black skin/red interior, great taste, small-medium size fig and good producer.  Very popular tree for northern climates since it is cold hardy. Hardy Chicago and Ciccio Nero

Black Mission

Franciscana medium size fig, black skin, dark red interior, very sweet great for eating fresh or drying.  Good producer.Black Misson

Black Sicilian

This Sicilian variety produces the most amazing tasting figs.  It is a huge brebba (fiorone) producer in July of large black figs.  It also produces main crop figs and is cold hardy.Sicilian Black JRSicilian Black fiorone/breba

Portuguese Dark - mount etna type medium size fig, black skin, red pulp, round, 2 crops and cold hardy.  A little later ripening than Ciccio Nero.

Portuguese White - medium green skin,  translucent interior pulp, juicy and sweet and large producer.  

Alma - medium size fig, golden brown skin, amber interior, very sweet and heavy bearing tree.  Excellent fresh or dried, small eye and tolerates cold.


Adriatic JH -

 Adriatic JH green skin, strawberry pulp, turbinate to oblique, heavybearing, 2 crops.

LSU Gold -

LSU Gold 

large green/yellow skin, honey fig one of best tasting yellow figs, easy to grow.

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