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Selecting the right fig tree for you
Matching the fig cultivar to your needs is your most important choice.
Ending up with a late ripening smyrna fig variety may give you a fig tree but unless you live in hot climate where the fig wasp lives in you will never see a ripe fig..lol

*** always choose common type figs or San Pedro type figs when growing figs in non fig wasp zones and ensure the variety is not too late ripening for your fig growing season ***

If you will be growing your fig tree in ground in cool climates <=Zone 8 you need to select from our cold hardy fig list.

If you will be growing in containers then you have a little more leeway.  You still need to ensure the fig cultivar will ripen within your grow season.   If  you have a heated greenhouse and/or indoor grow lighting then you can create your own climate.

All our figs are grown out doors Zone 6 without artificial heat or light and the photos are from the actual mother plants so if you choose our fig cultivars you will be in good shape to grow your own figs and enjoy delicious fresh figs.

Growing your fig tree
Starting with a fig tree then you need to grow and feed it as you would any garden plant.  Make sure to root and balance prune and then up pot the fig tree every 2 years to keep it healthy and contained.  5-10 gal containers are the easiest to grow the fig tree in.  See the fig link page for more information on figs.
For zones 8 and less you will need to protect the fig tree during the winter.

Rooting Fig Cuttings
Many people find it easy to root fig tree cuttings.  Everyone has their own preferences and most people have high success rates.  This link has in depth details on the rooting process;  From twigs to figs

We are glad to help so send us your e-mail with your questions and we will answer as time allows: JCJAcres@sympatico.ca