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Ciccio Fico Nero
Ciccio Nero
Fico Bianco
Desert King
Sicilian Black
Gisotta Nero
Gisotta nero
Drap d' Or
Drap d' Or
Bolzano Nero
dark berry taste, cold hardy, easy to grow, everbearing  Italian honey
taste, juicy, big producer large yellow figs, 2 crops
Xlarge green fig , dark strawberry red flesh large green fig early July rich honey breba figs, San Pedro  early ripe large black breba figs,  excellent rich taste Sicilian Black fig, excellent tropical berry taste, 2 crops old French fig, very sweet unique taste aka Royal Vineyard black fig dolomite mts N.Italy,  bordeaux berry taste
Ciccio Nero Fico Bianco Dalmatie Desert King Sicilian Black Gisotta Nero breba Drap d' Or Bolzano Nero

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These fig trees below on sale $39.95 for shipping available on1st come basis - use PayPal order page below or send an e-mail to order.  Also large trees (2'-5') available on sale.

Celeste, Hardy Chicago, Dalmatie, Bolzano Nero, Lattarula, Bifara, Black Mission, Marylane Seedless, Fico Bianco, Excel, Fico Nero, Alma, Neveralla, Desert King, Baka/Bekaa, Drap d'Or, Ficazzana, Sucrette (Baud), Melanzana , Black Jack, LSU Gold, Sal's EL/Gene, Marseilles Black VS, Bianchetta, Bisiri Black, E.Brown Turkey, Goutte d' Or, LSU Hollier, Violette de Bordeaux, Sultane, Bourjasotte Noire, Ciccio Nero, Spanish Gold, Early Violet, Val Rosso, Portugal Dark, LdA, Brookyn White, Peter's Honey and Brunswick.

Fig Cuttings also available for most varieties from October to May.

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Photos displayed on this website are of the JCJ Acres fig mother trees we grow and are copyright.

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